Hi I am Anandi!

I live with my bearded hubby in the fascinating urban space called Pretoria.


I’m a lover of light, film, black and white photographs. I am a hopeless romantic and connoisseur of ice cream. I studied photography (Jip got the diploma and everything) and can’t walk past something pretty without touching it. My husband is my best friend and the love of my life. I am honest and kind and I love working with real down to earth people.


My love for photography started at a young age and was nurtured by my history-and-photography-loving aunt (who bought me my first camera). I remember sitting in her “library” of albums looking through hundreds of family albums, amazed by the photographs and their ability to capture life on a sheet of paper.


Now years later – after countless disposable cameras, a Barbie cam, 5 almost-digital point-and-shoot cameras, three old school SLR’s, a Go-pro, a turquoise Polaroid, two pretty epic DSLR’s and my National Diploma in Photography – I proudly call myself a professional photographer.

I’m a well-known photographer in the industry and deliver an epic service at a competitive prize. But this is all just formal mambo jumbo, but my job and my company is so much more than that.

I like to keep things simple and love pushing my own limits and the limits of photography. I especially love photographing people. My style is described as raw, emotional modern lifestyle photography with an artistic edge.


I am trilled that my work has caught your eye, and it fills me with so much joy to know you connected with one of my biggest passions, documenting real love stories.


If you choose me to capture your special day, I will not only be your photographer, but also a friend that will help guide you to have the best day of your life! “Its gonna be the best day of your life, your li-i-i-ife!”


I would be thrilled to meet you, your family and your friends and get to hear your stories. I would especially enjoy photographing exactly that! If you are interested in meeting up, please phone, email, carrier pigeon or Morse-code me, but please, no smoke signals.


There is no sight more beautiful than two people in love.

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