Can we meet before booking you as our photography?

Oh yes, please! I love meeting new people! I live in Pretoria and would love to meet up for IceCream, cake or coffee. I know most of my clients have 9-5 day jobs and there for I’m available after hours, early morning and on lunch breaks. Even some weekends when I’m not shooting. And if all else fail we can arrange a skype date.

Can I expect my photographs to look like those on your website?

Stylistically they will be the same. I shoot in a recognizable style and deliver a consistently professional service. BUT each story is very distinctive and I will take inspiration from your unique nature.

If we book you, who will be the assistant or second photographer at our wedding?

Assistant: My assistant will help my carry my bags and help with lighting, carry the back of your dress hold flowers, “run and go get that” etc. Their purpose will be only to help not to necessarily take photographs. ( don’t worry I am capable of shooting a  whole wedding by myself 🙂 )

Second shooter: I’ll be assisted by another professional photographer who as the Anandi-seal of approval!

What equipment do you use?

I like to travel light and not be weighed down with heavy and unnecessary equipment. So you’ll mostly find in my bag two full-frame Nikon body’s, a 35mm Tamron lens, 24-70mm and 85mm Nikon Lenses.

What is your policy on accommodation and travel?

Buy one and get the first 100km free! Travel is charged at normal AA rates. If your venue is three hours drive outside Pretoria, I will require accommodation. It doesn’t need to be fancy, a nice B&B will do. ( We’re not looking for a free holiday, we just want to ensure that we are well rested and on time to deliver awesomeness.)

How do we book you?

A 50% non-refundable booking fee and a signed contract is needed to secure your date.

Do you offer discounts?

Why yes, yes I do, do. On weekday and winter weddings.

Do you need to see the venue/location before the shoot?

Most spaces have an element of beauty in them, so I will be able to work with what is available, without having to see the venue beforehand. We usually arrive an hour before we start. This gives us ample time to have a look around.

How will I know how much time you need for photography on the day/ Do you need anything else from us?

Relax- don’t worry! This might be the first time your planning a wedding. I’ve don this almost 200 times! I will help you plot out how your day should run.
A list of family photos will ensure that I know how to shoot 😉
This basic timeline should help.
60min Groom
60min Decor/Reception
120min Bride
60 min Ceremony
30min Family photographs
30min Wedding party photographs
60min Couple shoot( 40min before sunset)
Reception starts

Do you need to feed me?

Yes, please! With being on our feet for an entire day, a meal will provide much-needed sustenance. We won’t be drinking any alcohol whilst on the job, so a jug of water and a place to site will be awesome! it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, we’ll gladly sit anywhere even next to the crazy uncle. We just need a space to set up the headquarters.

Do you work overtime?

Yap! I will even take photos of the cleaning up process if you want me to! Overtime is charged at R 2000 per hour or R 1000 for half an hour. If the proceedings run over time, your are welcome to ask us to stay.

Can I please have the Raw Images?

No. You pay for the final product only.

Can you fix that in photoshop? Make my brown eyes blue? Make me look like a size 2?

Nope. I’m a photographer, not a re-toucher. My style is natural without over-editing. That’s why you chose me I do sometimes remove minor things like pimples or blackheads but don’t manipulate the photo to make you not look like you. If that’s what you’re after, I’ll put you in touch with a re-toucher.

Do you provide Black and white images of all the pictures?

No. I really love black and white photos, but I save it for the one’s that I feel suit the style best. Some photos need to be in black and white, others don’t.

How long does it take to receive my photographs?

Normally around up to 8 weeks (excluding delivery time).

How long will you keep our photographs for?

As long as I possibly can, I keep hard drives with the final edits in a secure safe. If however, it gets to a point where I can’t afford to keep the photographs I’ll have to delete them. Please make sure you copy your wedding pictures to multiple computers. Ideally, pick your absolute favorites and open an account for a cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud and store your wedding photographs there as back up.

Can I post the photographs to facebook?

Yes of course, as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes or sell it you’re more than welcome to. If you check on your USB there’s a folder with web friendly photographs called Low Res Photographs. When you post, it would be awesome if you could give us a mention #anandiphotography or @anandiphotography.



  • 012 Central
  • African Beer Emporium
  • Lace on Timber
  • The Cowshed
  • +27 Cafe
  • Strandkombuis
  • Black Horse Brewery
  • Netherwood
  • Snowflake
  • Florence
  • The Canteen
  • Rosemary Hill


  • Ambient Films
  • Orpen Films
  • Saltlight studios



Why pick me?

Because I am awesome, duh! 🙂 But seriously I have so pretty mad skills. I know how to make you feel comfortable. The technical knowledge to take epic photographs in all kinds of weather conditions. Connections to super awesome people and places. High quality of work and the ability to capture raw and true moments. If that still isn’t convincing, I provide tailor made packages to suit the needs of any bride. Oh, and did I mention I’m awesome?